Pre-Punch CZ Purlin Machine

C Z Purlin Machine

NOVOTEK manufactured C Z Purlin making machine, also called fast change Steel profile Making Machine or C & Z channel Interchangeable Rolling Machine, can be used to produce both C Purlin and Z Purlin with various sizes, in different thickness, and with punch on web and flange side.

Pre-Punch C Z Steel Profile Machine


The fully automatic pre-punching and pre cutting C Z purlin machine, including 8 sets of PLC controlled lateral movement punching unit and 2 sets of manually controlled lateral movement punching unit. 

  1. Raw material: galvanized sheet, black sheet; 1.5-3.0mm

  2. Product size: C profile 80-300mm & Z Profile 120-300mm (also we have NTK-CZ-400 available)

  3. Machine speed: Max. 30 m/min (by servo motor driven)

Steel Purlin Roll Forming Machine Main Components :


  1. Type: Mechanical Uncoiler, Hydraulic Uncoiler

  2. Load capacity: 6T

Main Machine

  1. Roller material: GCr15 with heat treatment, polishing and galvanizing.

  2. Main motor: hydraulic motor or servo motor drive

  3. CZ Interchange: interchange between C and Z purlins controlled by PLC and set through touch panel.

  4. Size Change: size change also controlled by PLC and set through touch panel, continuously adjustable.

Hydraulic Punching & Universal Cutting System

  1. Punching unit: 3 sets + 2 sets

  2. Universal cutters for all purlin sizes.

  3. Cutting length, cutting pieces, and punching are controlled by PLC.

As the leading and biggest C Z Purlin Machine manufacturer in China, on average we have delivered 180-200 sets Purlin Machines each year in the past 5 years, also we are the only factory to supply fully automatic type in China.



Technical Specification of Customized Purlin Line

Raw Material Type Galvanized Sheet, Black Sheet
Thickness 1.5-3.0mm (1.2-3.2mm)
C Purlin Size Web x Flange x Lip 80-300/ 30-80/ 10-20
Z Purlin Size Web x Flange x Lip 120-300/ 30-80/ 10-20

Speed Max. 30m/min (by servo motor driven)
C & Z Interchange  PLC Control, Fully Automatic 
Size Change  PLC Control, Fully Automatic 
Uncoiler Type  Mechanical or Hydraulic 
Capacity 6 T

Main Machine
Main Roller Station 18
Main Drive Hydraulic Motor or Servo Motor
Transmission Type Chain

Punching & Cutting
Punching Location Web + Flange
Punching Type Pre-Punch
Cutter Type Pre-Cutter + Post Universal Cutter




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