Automatic Sandwich Panel Stacking Machine

It consists of front roller conveyor, tilting system, transmission roller, portal frame, cane, vacuum cover, etc.
1. Stacking machine is used to transfer the cut sandwich panel to specify position and automatically stack the single piece panel into pack.
2. Tilting system can tilt singular roof panel into 180o, so panels could be stacked in face and back in order to save the place.
3. Max length for roof panel tilting system is 15m.


Main Parameters


1)     Panel thickness: Max. 200mm
2)     Panel width: Max.1200mm
3)     Transverse feed motor: 2.2Kw
4)     Longitudinal tacking servo motor: 2.2Kw
5)     Main cutting motor: 5.5Kw
6)     Dust fan motor: 7.5Kw
7)     Longitudinal tacking distance: 2500mm
8)     Rail length: 3500mm
9)     Cutting accuracy: ±2mm
10)  Min cutting length: 3m




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