Discountious PU Sandwich Panel Machine

Different with continuous line, the NT-PUSP-D PU discontinuous production line is actually divided into three parts: roll forming machine (or bending machine), PU press machine and PU injection machine; it produces sandwich panel piece by piece.
 The sandwich panel size is decided by the mould board, which normally has 6.5/ 8.5/ 12.5 mts x 1/1.5 mts; and its capacity is depended on PU press machine structures, which mainly includes: 1+1, 2+2 or multi-layers. Among them, the NT-PUSP- 6.5x1.5/ 2+2 is one of the most popular models.

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Main Technical Parameter of NT-PUSP- 6.5x1.5/ 2+2
♦ Mold board quantity: 4 sets (2+2)              
♦ Production cycle: 15 ~30Min
♦ Shift output: about 30 sets/8 hours              
♦ Mold board closing space height: 0 ~200mm       
♦ Max Mold-locking forces: 200,000kgf
♦ Working pressure: 8 ~12Mpa                
♦ Water pressure: 0.2Mpa
♦ Total power: ~60kw
♦ Weight: about 25,000kg                             
♦ Covered area: about 40000mm×4500mm



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