K-Span Roll Forming Machine

K- Span Roll Forming Machine

K-Span Moveable Roll Forming Machine is design to make constructing arch buildings and roofs on site. 

The special designed arch roofs according to request profile drawing can be installed on masonry brick, concrete or steel structures. It is best for conventional roof support structure, also it can be use to fit existing infrastructure, or be considered as a individual unit for new projects.The arch buildings and roofs made by NOVOTEK K Span Roll Forming Machine can be extended at any time after project completed, so it offers clients more flexible to expand infrastructure as the need develops.

K-Span Machine Engine

  1. Type: four-stroke engine, direct -injection, compression ignition

  2. Cylinder type: 4 cylinders, upright 

  3. Drainage: 3.6L

  4. Lubricant oil volume: 10L

  5. Diameter / stroke of cylinder:100mm*115mm

  6. Rotating speed: 500r/min

  7. Speed adjustment: mechanical adjustment

  8. Starting method: DC12V electric start 

Main Roll Forming Machine of K-Span Machine

  1. Manually uncoiler: 5 tons, mounted on trailer chassis

  2. Roll stand: 13 stations

  3. Main machine speed: about 15m/min, not including cutting.

  4. Main motor: 5.5 Kw, hydraulic motor driven.

  5. Material of the roller: 45# forged steel, chromeplate

Typical Profile Drawing of K-Span Machine


Technical Parameters of K-Span Machine (NTK610-914, Fully Hydraulic)



Coil thickness (mm)


Coil width (mm)


Covered width (mm)


Drive type

Diesel engine

Roll stand


Curing Machine (Kw)


Cutter material


Cutting accuracy (mm)


Machine speed (m/min)


Main shaft (mm)





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