Stacking Machine (C Purlin)

C Purlin Stacking Machine

The automatic purlin stacking machine is used to stack the C purlin with programmed numbers and layers. It is equipped with roller conveyor, auto stacker and chain conveyor, running speed is up to 50m/min.

Purlin Specification

1. Purlin type: cold rolled, galvanized CU purlin

2. CU purlin width: 80-300mm

3. Purlin thickness: 1.5-3.0mm

4. Purlin length: 1,500-12,000mm

Stacking Machine

a) It is used to collect and stack purlin.

b) Purlin are stacked together by an automatic flip device, counted and arranged in a row according to the required number of program instructions.

c) PLC program control to realize the functions of automatic tube loading, counting, palletizing, and delivery, easy to operation.




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