U Purlin Machine (40m/min)

U Purlin Roll Forming Machine (40m/min)

NOVOTEK fast speed U purlin machine is designed to produce single size U purlins, its production capacity is up to 40m/min by adopts non-stop cut.

Fly Cut U Purlin Machine

By PLC control, the purlin length is fully automatic cut to length.

Also we have other types, such as NTK-CZ-300A fully automatic CZ purlin machine, NTK-CZ-300 semi automatic CZ machine, and NTK-CZ-400 for 400mm/4mm purlin machine.

  1. Raw material: galvanized sheet, black sheet; 1.5-3.0mm

  2. Product size: customized

  3. Machine speed: 30-40 m/min (fly cut)

U Purlin Roll Forming Line Main Components:

Hydraulic Uncoiler

  1. Type: Hydraulic expanding & active decoil

  2. Load capacity: 5T

U Purlin Main Machine

  1. Roller material: GCr15 with heat treatment, polishing and galvanizing.

  2. Main motor: electrical motor  

  3. Length set: fuly automatic by PLC, continuously adjustable.

  4. All motors, PLC, control panel are international famous brand.

Purlin Machine Flip Runout Table

1. 12 meters, one set.


Technical Specification of NTK-CZU-200AF Purlin Machine

Raw Material Type Galvanized Sheet, Black Sheet
Thickness 1.5-3.0mm
U Purlin Size Single Size Customized

Speed 30-40m/min (fly cut)
Length Set PLC Control, Fully Automatic 
Uncoiler Type  Hydraulic 
Capacity 5 T

Main Machine
Main Roller Station 12
Main Drive Electric Motor
Transmission Type Chain

Punching & Cutting
Punching Unit Optional
Cutter Type Fly Cut





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