Door Frame Roll Forming Machine

Door Frame Roll Forming Machine

NOVOTEK Door & Window Frame Roll Forming Machine is used to produce steel door/ window frame with thickness from 1.2mm up to 2mm.

Also we have fully automatic door frame roll forming line that is equipped with various hydraulic punching and notching unit, the machine can cut/ punch all the necessary holes/ notches online. After that, one piece of final product can be easily bended to a complete door or window frame, no need any further processing.

Hydraulic uncoiler of Door Windows Steel Frame Roll Former

  1. Capacity: 6 Ton

  2. With or without coil car 

Main Roll Forming Machine of Door Frame Machine 

  1. Roll stand: 19 stations

  2. Main power:7.5KW, it adopts cycloid cone pulley reducer, chain transmission

  3. Material of the roller: 45# high grade steel, chromeplate

  4. The roller processed by CNC machine with finish machining. The surface adopt finished polishing, the roughness is 0.05mm

  5. Material of the main shaft: 45# forged steel with heat treatment

  6. The diameter of the main shaft: ∅70mm

  7. Type of frame: wall board, welding by 350 x 175mm H shape steel, by using carbon dioxide gas arc welding. The surface used shot blasting treatment.


Typical Profile Drawing of Door Frame Roll Forming Machine



Technical Parameters of Door Frame Machine
Item Parameters
Coil thickness (mm) Max. 2mm
Max speed (m/min) 6
Transmission type Universal joint 
Roll stand 18
Main power (Kw) 11
Main shaft (mm) Ø76
Cutter material Cr12
Cutting accuracy 10±2mm
Hydraulic station power (Kw) 5.5
Control system PLC




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