Mini Coil Slitting Machine

The mini coil slitting line is designed to longitudinal slit the coil into required pieces and recoiling. 

Brief Introduction:

The NTK-(0.4-1mm) x1300 mini coli slitting line is designed to longitudinal slit the coil into required pieces and recoiling.

Components Detail Introduction

1. Hydraulic De-Coiler

1.      Hydraulic expand and shrink to tight the inner hole of steel coils.

2.      Inner diameter: Φ480-520, width: 500 mm

3.      10T with simple supporting stand, without coil car.

4.      Fixed the coil to active uncoil, with brake.  

5.      The hydraulic expand and shrink de-coiler is driven by hydraulic, to tight the inner hole of steel coil. 

2.Slitting Machine

  1. Specification of blades: Φ340×200×15; material: Cr12
  2. Electric motor: 7.5KW frequency conversion control motor to control the speed. Control mode is frequency control.
  3. Reducer: cycloidal reducer
  4. Slitting speed: 20m/min.
  5. It equips the side guide device, to achieve positioning strip and stop the jumping of strip. Improve the accuracy of slitting. It can shear actively or passively. To achieve different strip thickness accuracy requirements of slitting.
  6. Technical Parameters:
  1. Power


  1. Shaft


  1. Material of shaft


  1. Blade specification


  1. Material of blade




3. Tension Stand

  1. The frame welded by steel plates.
  2. Consist of base, pre-dividing shaft, bracket, press shaft, hydraulic damp device and hydraulic shaft lifting the press down device. Supporting slices, spacers and etc.
  3. Function: It also have the side guide device for finished strips and prevent them from jumping and improve the recoiler quality. To establishing a stretching force with recoilier, to make sure the even quality and tight of steel coils after recoiling.


  1. Structure: hydraulic expand and shrink model.
  2. Capacity: 10T with simple supporting stand
  3. Motor: 7.5KW
  4. Speed: 20m/min
  5. Overall steel plate cantilever structure
  6. Function: It works with the finished steel strips after first pre-dividing and second dividing to insure the even and tight quality of recoiler. Recoiling tension and speed are adjustable.



Technical Parameters

Item Parameters
Coil thickness (mm) 0.4-1
Max speed (m/min) 20
No. of slitters Tailor-made
Roll stand 18
Main power (Kw) 7.5
Main shaft (mm) Ø70
Cutter material Cr12
Cutting accuracy 10±2mm
Hydraulic station power (Kw) 5.5
Control system PLC




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