Fly Punch & Fly Cut Purlin Machine

Fly-Punch & Fly-Cut Purlin Roll Forming Machine

Developed by NOVOTEK, the Perfil C/ Perfil U Purlin Machine is used to produce C Perfil/ U Perfil from 0.9mm to 2.0mm, with slot punch 100 x 38mm. It is is widely used in Uruguay, Argentina, Chile, Mexico, Brazil, Paraguay, Peru, Columbia, USA, Canada, etc Latin America, North America market.

With Fly Punch and Fly Cut, its speed can up to 20-30m/min with punch and cut. Compared with traditional stop punch and stop cut machine, its prodcution capacity is much higher. 

Automatic C U Purlin Machine (NTK-CU-300)


The machine can produce both C purlin and U purlin with various sizes, the size adjustment is controlled by PLC and fully automatic. Also we have standard NTK-CZ-300A fully automatic CZ purlin machine and NTK-CZ-300 semi automatic C/Z profile make machine. 

  1. Raw material: galvanized sheet, black sheet; 0.9-2.0mm

  2. Product size: C Purlin 80-300mm & U Purlin 80-300mm (also we have NTK-CZ-400 available)

  3. Machine speed: Max. 30 m/min (by servo motor driven)

Lipped Channel Purlin Roll Forming Machine of NTK-CU-200 Main Components :


  1. Type: Mechanical Uncoiler, Hydraulic Uncoiler

  2. Load capacity: 6T

Main Machine

  1. Roller material: GCr15 with heat treatment, polishing and galvanizing.

  2. Main motor: electrical motor or servo motor drive

  3. Size Change: size change controlled by PLC and set through touch panel, continuously adjustable.

Fly Punching & Fly Cutting of Purlin Machine

  1. Fly-Punching unit: 1 set, slot: 100x 38mm. Non-stop Punch.

  2. Fly-Cut unit: 1 set, with blades for different sizes

  3. Cutting length, cutting pieces, and punching are controlled by PLC.

As the leading and biggest C Z Purlin Roll Forming Machine manufacturer in China, on average we have delivered 180-200 sets Purlin Machines each year in the past 5 years, also we are the only factory to supply fully automatic type in China.


Technical Specification of Fly Punch & Fly Cut Purlin Making Machine

Raw Material Type Galvanized Sheet, Black Sheet
Thickness 0.9-3.0mm
C Purlin Size Web x Flange x Lip 80-300/ 30-80/ 10-20
U Purlin Size Web x Flange x Lip 100-300/ 30-80

Speed Max. 30m/min (by servo motor driven)
C & U Change Fully Automatic
Size Change  By PLC, Fully Automatic
Uncoiler Type  Mechanical or Hydraulic 
Capacity 6 T

Main Machine
Main Roller Station 18
Main Drive Hydraulic Motor or Servo Motor
Transmission Type Chain or Gear Box

Punching & Cutting
Punching Location Web
Punching Unit 100 x 38mm
Cutter Type Fly Cut
















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