How to solve the distortion of roll forming machine?

How to solve the distortion of cold bending machine?

1. The calculation of neutral layer in deformation area 5261 is accurate to 4102, the calculation of materials in deformation area is accurate, and the processing symmetry of roller 1653 is good.

2. The non-deformation area shall be as far as possible free from compression (such as the bottom of the slide rail), and the clearance of each area of the upper and lower roller shall be consistent during assembly.

3. Before the material bite, the guide ramp should be set according to the rolling state of the front track. Before the stable compression, the material sliding smoothly in the rolling.

4, roller machining accuracy is the key, for this purpose, specially made special tools under the projector, magnification 20 times for testing.

5. On the main drive side, roller cone bearing is adopted to ensure that the radial runout of the spindle is 0.04mm inside and outside to ensure that the spindle will not move left and right. Common ball bearing has its own clearance, so axial movement cannot be avoided in accurate transmission.

6. The bending and distortion problems in production are mainly caused by the imbalance of forces, from left to right, from left to right bending, and from up to down force, resulting in distortion. Solution: design force balance, accurate machining, easy installation and adjustment.

Roll forming machine technology

The utility model relates to a cold-formed steel forming unit.When the profile is processed by cold bending, the forming, correction, cutting and other procedures can be carried out directly without handling, and the processing efficiency is higher. It includes feeding machine, molding machine, calibration head, compression cylinder, flying saw, and precision sizing, and its characteristics lie in that the feeding machine, molding machine, calibration head, compression cylinder, flying saw, and precision sizing are installed in the machine base in sequence.

The invention relates to the stainless steel sheet cold drawn reduced diameter bend process and the tea spout made by this process. The existing technology generally adopts two concave cambered surface butt welding process, which has low efficiency and high material consumption.The invention adopts multi-channel drawing technology to continue bending and drawing to form a conical bending pipe. After cutting the port, the workpiece is bent along the circular groove to the required bending degree by rolling the semi-circular mold downward. The wall of the teapot nozzle made is seamless, which can obviously improve the work efficiency and material utilization rate, and reduce the production cost.

Cold forming machine combined roll structure

The utility model relates to a kind of cold bend forming machine composite roller structure, it mainly adopts fixed axis and roll on, under the roller and the shaft is fixed, auxiliary bearing seat and auxiliary bearing through the first connection plate connection, is characterized by: auxiliary bearing seat on the bearing and shaft connection, the second connecting plate and the auxiliary bearing seat is fixed, small shaft connected to the second board is fixed, auxiliary roller through the bearing and small shaft connection.The utility model is simple, compact and reasonable in structure; When the plate is in contact with the auxiliary roller, the auxiliary roller can rotate passively, so that the plate avoids empty bending in the forming process and changes from original elastic deformation to plastic deformation.The indentation on the surface of the molding plate is obviously reduced, and the surface is smooth and level.

The utility model belongs to a small precision cold-formed forming roll. At present, there is no restriction on the lateral movement of metal edge in the pass, resulting in poor accuracy, left-right symmetry, straightness and great distortion of finished products.Technical measures: This roll mainly includes the upper roll and the lower roll, forming the working face of the roll (3, 33), the bending working face (4, 44) connected with the working face (3, 33), the end face of the roll (5, 55), the axle hole processed on the upper roll and the lower roll (6, 66). There are steps (7, 77) between the bending working face (4, 44) and the end face of the roll (5, 55). The included Angle between the bending working face (4, 44) and the step (7, 77) and the end face of the roll (5, 55) is 90°. The utility model has the advantages of simple structure, high rolling precision, easy operation and no increase in cost while ensuring the normal cold bending forming and adjustment.

The utility model belongs to the field of metal rolling and also relates to cold bending forming of metal. The combined roller for forming cold-formed profiles mentioned in the utility model comprises a roll shaft and a roll ring, which is composed of more than three rolls, and the shapes of the rolls are cylindrical, conical and circular polygons;The outer transversal of the axial section of the circular polygon roller is either a straight line, a broken line, a diagonal line or a curve.The axial thickness of the roll piece is 50-200mm, the radial thickness of the roll piece is 5-100mm, and the outer diameter of the roll piece is 100-500mm.Each roller piece has an axle hole arranged with the roller shaft.

Steel plate cold bending forming equipment with the wallboard structure [abstract] a steel plate cold bending forming equipment with the wallboard structure, belongs to the manufacturing technology of cold bending sheet metal processing equipment, mainly by the cover plate (1), the base plate (3), placed in the lid (1) and bottom (2), (3) between the slider in the cover plate (1) and bottom (3) can slide up and down the slider bar (2) between the two bearing seat (4), in the cover plate (1) the central belt scale nut (6) the adjustment nut (7) and screw (8), etc;The shape of the slide bar can be selected according to the different strength of the processed sheet and the requirements of various models of steel cold bending forming equipment.The structure is simple and compact, high stability, plays a key role in the quality of the panel after forming, and the standardization and universality of the parts are strong, can be a large number of storage materials, reduce the production time of the equipment, speed up the debugging process, and easy to operate, reliable transmission, can meet the high-speed roller forming of the wall structure needs.

Cold bend machine push of the ejection device [abstract] the invention discloses a kind of cold bend push the improvement of machine's ejection device invented, push the machine consists of cold bend forming device, elbow ejection device, make the mandrel chuck rotation for mould device, make each device of the transmission device and control device of electric control box, its characteristic lies in the bend mold release

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